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What is personalized learning and how to embed it in the classroom

How personalized learning has evolved and what it means for today's studens.

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In today’s world, everything is customized. The days when we consumed television and radio as a collective are long gone. These days we watch and listen to what we like when we want to.

Social media also has its roots in personalization. The algorithms run by companies like Meta and Twitter act as filters to bring users content that really counts. Without this kind of approach, there would simply be too much information for us to navigate. In other words, we wouldn’t be able to use them.

In contrast, the world of learning has been slow to adapt. For centuries, there has been a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Generation- after-generation has sat through science, learned languages together, and even endured dreaded sessions of double maths. Along the way, some students have fallen by the wayside. Whether it’s the subject matter, the environment, or the way the class has been delivered, something just hasn’t resonated.

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