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Improving Classroom Accessibility 

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Accessibility Features

At Vivi, we believe in an equal right to education, regardless of social, emotional, or physical limitations or disabilities. There are a range of ways that Vivi can be easily introduced to your classroom or campus to help improve accessibility for students and staff:


  • With wireless screen mirroring engineered for education, Vivi enables educators and students with physical limitations or disabilities to interact with learning materials from anywhere. Let your staff and students present, collaborate, and give feedback - all without leaving their seat.
  • Through closed captioning, digital signage, and emergency broadcasts, communicate with people who have hearing impairments more effectively. Ensure every student receives important information at the same time.

  • A student feedback tool offers a discreet, non-threatening way to provide educators with academic and wellbeing feedback which can be used to inform and improve learning instruction.

  • Vivi’s compatibility with Microsoft OneDrive, OneNote, and Azure simplifies collaboration and accessibility from anywhere.

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Case Studies

Aurora School
A purpose-built educational organization that provides optimal learning environments for Deaf and Deafblind children and their families. Read how they successfully adopted Vivi to improve accessibility within their school.

Kew High School
For more ideas around how Vivi can be used to increase classroom engagement, and support students who might otherwise feel isolated, watch Kew High School’s review of Vivi’s software.

Vivi is trusted by over 250,000 students and teachers in more than 33,000 classrooms, including in: