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Authorised Vivi Partner Deal Registration


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EXTENDED! 2020 Vivi Partner Reward Program.

Our $50 gift card reward for any new opportunities you bring our way has now been extended until the end of June.

Vivi Partners with Microsoft for Education

Using Vivi with Microsoft just got easier with our newest partner integration. Learn more.

Deal registration is only available to Vivi’s authorized resellers.

Have you been selling Vivi, but not yet an authorized reseller? Complete this form to apply.


Vivi's Deal Registration Guidelines:

  • Opportunities are only eligible for deal registration where there is not an existing relationship between Vivi and the customer.
  • Opportunities are ineligible for deal registration if already registered and approved for another reseller.
  • Deal registration will not be available to resellers whose account is more than 60 days in arrears or has been placed on hold by Vivi due to late payment of invoices.
  • Vivi will confirm with the customer that they have a relationship with the reseller in order to qualify the deal registration.
  • If granted, deal registration will be in place for 60 days. The deal registration will lapse if a demonstration has not been completed by a Vivi BDM, and an evaluation agreement has not been received from the customer within the 60 days. Possible extensions may be granted, subject to sales activity and Vivi approval.
Vivi will respond to all deal registration applications within 3 business days.

Deal Registration Form