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How to set up a hybrid learning environment [ebook]

As the world comes to terms with the impacts of social distancing in the classroom, we look at the subject of hybrid learning and how best to deliver it. We also look at how hybrid learning impacts the students themselves and suggest ways to make the best of what can be a challenging environment.

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Distance learning is not a new phenomenon by any means. For over a century, universities have offered degrees by correspondence, and children in remote locations have had their lessons delivered by post or over the airwaves.

But for many, COVID-19 brought the first taste of home learning. And they were the lucky ones; a third of the world’s schoolchildren were simply unable to access education when schools closed because of the pandemic.

All of a sudden, teachers with years of experience found themselves in choppy and unfamiliar waters. They had to grapple with new

technologies and the disappearance of face-to-face interaction. Unsurprisingly, many described the experience as exhausting, confusing, and debilitating.

But, as schools reopened, a new challenge emerged; the hybrid classroom.

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