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How to get the most out of the education technology stack

The education technology stack is a complicated mishmash of applications, languages, systems, and equipment. We offer tips on selecting the right technology and, hopefully, reaping the maximum possible return on investment.

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The pandemic has had a significant impact on the classroom. Concepts like hybrid learning have been fast-tracked into educational settings and, sadly, the disparities caused by socio-economic status have never been more apparent. Teaching has also become more complicated. As schools moved to online learning, teachers were suddenly tasked with finding ways to hold students’ attention when they weren’t actually in the same room.  

As a result, the Education Technology (EdTech) stack has never been more important. The right technology is a real enabler; it’s what makes many of today’s education strategies feasible. Without it, social learning would be little more than small groups of students working together in the classroom, and hybrid learning would be a distant dream.

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